What Are Bitters and How Do You Use Them in Cocktails?


Flavor Enhancement: Bitters add depth and complexity to cocktails by imparting nuanced flavors that complement and enhance the other ingredients in the drink.

Balancing Sweetness: Bitters help balance the sweetness of cocktail ingredients like syrups, liqueurs, and fruit juices by providing a contrasting bitter or herbal flavor.

Aromatic Component: Bitters contribute aromatic elements to cocktails, adding layers of fragrance and complexity to the overall drinking experience.

Accentuate Citrus and Fruit Notes: Bitters can accentuate the citrus or fruit flavors in cocktails, making them more vibrant and aromatic.

Finish and Mouthfeel: Bitters can contribute to the overall mouthfeel and finish of a cocktail, adding depth and lengthening the aftertaste.

Dash or Drop Method: Bitters are typically used in cocktails in small quantities, usually measured in dashes or drops. A dash or two of bitters can make a significant difference in the flavor profile of a drink.

Versatility: Bitters come in a wide variety of flavors, ranging from classic aromatic bitters to more adventurous options like citrus, chocolate, or floral-infused varieties. This versatility allows bartenders and home enthusiasts to experiment with different flavor combinations in cocktails.

Garnish and Presentation: Bitters can also be used as a garnish in cocktails, either by adding a few drops directly onto the surface of the drink or by spraying them over the finished cocktail for a visually appealing presentation.