Use This Easy No-Dye Hummingbird Food Recipe For Your Feeder

Amazing little hummingbirds! These small birds must eat every 10 to 15 minutes by visiting up to 2,000 blossoms every day as they fly around your garden at 90 times per second.

Hummingbirds eat 90% sugary nectar, so having food in a feeder is a terrific way to help them, especially during breeding and migration in spring and fall.

Of course, planting flowers that hummingbirds love also supports these delightful birds.

Hummers like tubular red or orange flowers. They also like annuals like cuphea, cypress vine, calibrachoa, and torenia, perennials like bee balm, cardinal flower, columbine, agastache, hosta, canna, catmint, and cypress vine, and shrubs like rose of Sharon and weigela.

Avoid insecticides in your lawn and garden to make your yard more hummingbird-friendly. Hummingbirds are adept aerial hunters that can catch insects from spider webs and mid-air. (Curious? Learn how wildflowers can control garden pests.

Best Hummingbird Food Recipe? How to make safe, healthful hummingbird food:

1/4 cup white refined sugar 1 cup boiling water Dissolve refined white sugar in boiling water. Fill your clean feeder after cooling the mixture.  

How often should I clean hummingbird feeders? To clean your feeder regularly, choose one that's easy to disassemble. Keep it empty and clean twice a week in hot weather.  

A weekly dose is fine in cool temperatures. Or clean it every time you refill if it empties quickly.

Hot tap water suffices. Use a little brush to get into the corners and avoid dish soap, which can leave a residue.