These Countries Grow the Most Apples in the World

Italy Italy produced 2,256,240 apples in 2022, eighth behind Russia. Trentino-Alto Adige grows the most apples, followed by Friuli and Veneto. Apple output in Italy has expanded due to more apple-growing territory.

Russia Russia produced 2,379,000 apples in 2022, ranking sixth. Russia has long produced apples. Only a few types thrive there, and most of it is marketed domestically.  

India India produces the fifth-most apples, while Turkey, Poland, and the U.S. produce more. India produced 2,589,000 apples in 2022. India struggles to compete since there are few apple-growing areas.

Poland Poland produces the fourth-most apples in the world with 4,264,700 in 2022. Production rose about 22% from 2020 to 2021.  

United States The US ranks third in apple production, a close fight with second, third, and fourth. It produced 4,429,330 apples in 2022, 400,000 fewer than Turkey. Apples are grown in the Pacific Northwest, unlike Turkey.  

Turkey Turkey is the world's second-largest apple producer, producing 4,817,500 in 2022. Turkey is built for apple production, hence it produces so much. Turkey has more apple-growing regions than China and the U.S.

China The world's largest apple producer is China. UN Food and Agriculture Organization statistics estimates it produced 47,573,200 apples in 2022. It has 10 times more apples than any other nation!