The 5 Most Dangerous Parts of the Ocean

Cape Horn Chile's southernmost point is Cape Horn. The headland's name also refers to the perilous ocean in front of it.

Cap Horn is no joke for boats. This location is unsafe for several reasons. The ocean floor shallowens. Within a few miles, it dips from 13,200 to 330 feet. We also have a strong, steady west wind.

Red Triangle continues. This is serious. San Francisco's beach is in this triangle. Diving, swimming, surfing, and windsurfing are popular on the beaches.

Barbados' North and East Coast Avoid swimming on the north and east edges unless you're an experienced surfer. Swimming is safest on the west and south shores. Due to weaker currents and gentler waves, the west is safer.  

That doesn't negate danger. They nevertheless have strong undercurrents that can harm youngsters and intoxicated people.

North Tropical Queensland Swimming here is perilous because to aggressive predators and unpleasant stings. Most of these species can kill an unwary swimmer.

Good Hope Cape The Cape of Good Hope is in southern South Africa. A tiny peninsula extends to the ocean. This is the continent's southwestmost point.

Weather is unpredictable, which is a risk. Though the surrounding surroundings are sunny, the cape may have storm clouds and wind.