Smells That Attract Rats

Garbage Rats are often drawn to garbage cans due to their strong smell. Garbage bags are rubbish to you, but rats smell them and turn them into nourishing meals.  

Bins for compost While compost bins are wonderful for the environment, they can attract rats. Like a garbage bin full with meal scraps, a compost bin smells stronger.  

Animal Waste Rats also like the smell of dog excrement and food waste. Rats get compressed nutrients from all the outside excrement. Rats smell food because dogs leave 40% of its nutrients behind following digestion.  

Birdseed If you throw away your rubbish, rats shouldn't have anything to eat, right? Unfortunately, no. If you don't provide one of these options, rats will eat the food you set out.

Leather As leather is animal-based, rats smell it and see another feeding option. Rats chew several non-food materials, including leather. Rats can damage leather sofas, shoes, handbags, and other expensive household objects if they smell them.

Dog Or Cat Food? Add a few minutes to wash away residue even if your dog or cat cleans their bowl after every meal. Rats can detect anything that could be food, even dog and cat food.  

Peanut Butter Rats eat nuts and seeds daily as omnivores. Rats can detect peanut butter's strong fragrance. Clean up after making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to avoid rat infestation.  

Rotten Fruit Rats like nuts and fruit, but they're not choosy. Some fruits don't smell until they rot, alerting adjacent rats to a nasty food source. Rats come to observe the meal this fruit touches because of its delicious smell.