Hummingbirds Will Keep Coming Back For These Three Plants In Your Yard

Many birdwatchers want hummingbirds in their yards.  They migrate alone, so spotting more than one or two is rare. Having a feeder is one strategy to attract hummers to your yard, but there are others. Many plants attract hummingbirds, including bull thistles, pussy willow, and dandelions.

You must know what hummingbirds want before choosing plants to attract them. They survive on protein and carbs like humans. Although they acquire most of their protein from tiny flying beetles, pollen can also provide it.  

They acquire their carbs from nectar, therefore planting nectar-producing flowers can attract these little birds to your yard. Nesting is another consideration.

Hummingbirds, like other birds, create nests from soft plant fibers and stringy materials from nature, so choosing fibrous plants is another strategy to attract them to your yard.

Why Hummingbirds Like Bull Thistle, Pussy Willow, and Dandelions Bull thistles are spiky, blooming herbaceous weeds that can grow several feet tall. Its June purple pink blossoms are prickly.

These plants provide a lot of nectar and pollen, making them a hummingbird "meal" place. Birds can nest with thistle. Be careful where you plant bull thistle—it's invasive.  

Hummingbirds love your pussy willows for their pollen and nectar. Spring-flowering shrub that grows over 8 feet tall. The blooms are nicknamed catkin (Dutch for "kitten") because they resemble a cat's tail, but some think they look like fluffy caterpillars.  

Another hummingbird-friendly plant? Dandelions. On the first warm day of the year, these golden blossoms emerge from the grass overnight to signal spring.

As another weed, dandelions aren't appreciated in lawns. Maybe in a garden. Hummers utilize dandelions' down to line their nests, therefore these three plants serve both food and nest material.