Hummingbird migration is underway. Here’s what you can do to attract them

Besides birdwatchers, many others look forward to seeing hummingbirds every spring!

These amazing birds winter in Mexico and Central America. In late January or February, they move to their southern nesting areas, then north later in the spring.

Every year, Hummingbird Central uses an interactive map to illustrate viewer-submitted sightings of hummingbirds from January to May.

Hummingbird Central says hummingbirds fly during the day because food is more abundant. They also fly low, making food easy to find.

Hummingbirds master harnessing tailwinds to fly faster. Hummingbirds can fly 23 miles a day, according to research. That's a long way for a small bird.

Ruby-throated hummingbirds rule the East. Most common hummingbird east of the Mississippi. Males are smaller than females and have an iridescent red neck patch.

How to attract hummingbirds? Spring brings more hummingbirds to North Carolina. Hummingbird Central lists hummingbird-friendly flowers to attract them to your garden. They love red, thus red flowers attract them!

Their favorite plants Lantana, Butterfly Bush, Zinnias, Pentas, Milkweed, Batface Cuphea, Fire Bush, Nasturtiums Coreopsis