How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House and Yard

Select the Best Ant Bait Stepping on an ant is often your initial reaction. But don't. For every ant you kill, hundreds may be hidden in the house. Scout ants are looking for food to bring back to the colony.

Remove Ant Trails Another ant will appear where you see one. Because ants leave perfumed trails for other ants. Sweeping or mopping doesn't remove the smell. To safely eliminate ants in the home, put 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water in a spray bottle and spray where you've seen them.

Kill Ant Colonies Toxic ant bait attracts lots of ants at first. That's good. It suggests more ants are bringing toxic bait back to the colony to kill the queen and other ants. Maybe thousands of ants are back at the nest.

Killing Yard Ants Anthills mess your yards and disrupt outdoor dining. If you only have ants along your walkway, spot-treat with an outside insecticide. Killing ants with liquid or grains works well.

Destroy Exterior Nests to Kill Yard Ants If ants are always in the same spot on the side, there may be a nest. Ant control starts with finding siding gaps where ants are crawling in and out.  

Yard Ant Killer: Fire Ants Fire ants inhabit the Southeast and Southern California. Fire ant control is poor with standard insecticides. To eliminate ants and other biting insects, you need a particular product and the best wall.

Keep Clean to Prevent Ants A tidy home is your first ant protection. Remove food crumbs, spills, garbage, and dirty dishes from the house. This eliminates ant food. Spray vinegar and water around pet food bowls to deter ants safely.

Spray Ant Entrances Remove ants from the house and prevent their return. Spray pesticide around doors and windows after caulking and sealing. Ants can be killed with bifenthrin, permethrin, or deltamethrin.