7 Weight-Loss Food with Massive Portion Sizes

Protein Oats A protein boost in the morning is ideal, and these oats can provide that. Adding protein-rich milk and egg whites to your porridge will keep you full until noon. Top it with nuts, fruit, seeds, or honey.

Huge Scrambled Eggs and Toast This scrambled eggs and toast breakfast is ideal for protein-packed breakfasts in under 10 minutes. Choose a whole-wheat sourdough or English muffin and add chives or red chili flakes to your eggs.

Squash Cacio E Pepe Recipe Cacio E Pepe, a classic Roman pasta dish, is high in calories due to its noodle and cheese content. Try this Spaghetti Squash Cacio E Pepe for a lower-calorie, lower-fat version of classic favorite.

Oh Kale Yeah!! Salad Don't let salads bore or make you hungry. They can be colorful, tasty, and nutritious, filling you up until your next meal. This wonderful kale salad will become a staple, and the huge portion size will keep you full.

Cinnamon Cloud Bread Pancakes Cloud bread—made with corn starch and egg whites—has the fluffiness of bread without gluten or refined flour. Ilana Muhlstein created her favorite cloud bread dishes, including a burrito, pizza, cinnamon rolls, and cinnamon pancakes.

Nachos Cauliflower Have you tried cauliflower nachos? One of the best ways to enjoy this robust vegetable is this recipe, which is high in nutrients but low in calories, so you can serve up large amounts and keep within your weight reduction objectives.

Popular Tuna Most people love creamy tuna salad, but if you're watching your calorie consumption, you may feel unable to get your fill. You may eat whatever you want with Muhlstein's healthier "Go-To Tuna" recipe.