7 Brilliant Ways to Open Stubborn Jars

Rubber Glove Grip: – Put on a rubber glove or rubber dishwashing glove to improve your grip on the jar lid. – The textured surface of the glove provides extra friction, making it easier to twist and open the jar.

Hot Water Soak: – Submerge the bottom half of the jar in hot water (not boiling) for a few minutes. – The heat causes the metal lid to expand slightly, making it easier to twist open.

Rubber Band Grip: – Wrap a thick rubber band around the lid to increase your grip. – The rubber band adds traction and makes it easier to twist open the jar.

Tap and Turn: – Gently tap the edges of the jar lid against a hard surface to loosen it. – Then, try twisting the lid open while applying pressure.

Jar Opener Tool: – Use a jar opener tool specifically designed to grip and twist open stubborn lids. – These tools typically have adjustable grips and leverage mechanisms to make opening jars easier.

Run Lid Under Hot Water: – Run the jar lid under hot water for a few seconds to warm it up. – The heat helps to loosen the seal between the lid and the jar, making it easier to open.

Use a Spoon for Leverage: – Insert the handle of a spoon or a butter knife under the edge of the lid. – Use the spoon as a lever to pry the lid open, applying gentle pressure until the seal breaks.