6 Pennies from the 1900s Worth a Lot of Money

S Lincoln Penny 1914 The San Francisco Mint issued the 1914-S Lincoln penny. This penny was part of the 1909 Lincoln cent series commemorating Abraham Lincoln's 100th birthday.  

No D Lincoln Penny The most valuable 1922 cent is the No D Lincoln penny. Coin Trackers estimates a mint coin's value at $6,000. Regular 1922 and weak D types exist, but the no D is valued five to twenty times more.

1924 S Wheat Penny San Francisco made the 1924-S wheat penny. According to Coin Trackers, Red (RD) coins are valued the most. Average coins cost $4, while a mint-condition 1924-S wheat penny might be worth $12,000.

1943 Lincoln Bronze Penny To save copper during WWII, the U.S. switched to zinc-coated steel in 1943. Gainesville Coins reported over one billion 1943 steel cents, some of which were inadvertently produced from bronze planchets.  

1944-D Lincoln Penny on Zinc-Coated Steel Planchet The 1944-D Lincoln penny is called steel or silver. Copper pennies were expected to replace stolen ones in 1944. The 1943 pennies were inadvertently produced with leftover steel planchets.

1969 Lincoln Penny-Double Die Obverse Gainesville Coins says the 1969-S Lincoln penny is one of the most valuable double die variants manufactured. On the obverse, the text and date double, but not the S mintmark.