5 Of The Most Reliable Motorcycle Models Ever Built In The U.S.

The Indian Scout The first motorcycle on the list is the only non-Harley-Davidson. The Indian Scout is new...sort of. Indian is one of America's earliest motorcycle manufacturers, debuting in 1902.  

Since 2014, the Scout has become a modern reincarnation of the 1919 bike. The classic design and modern performance and comforts of this new Scout have won over many riders. It's one of the most reliable American-made motorcycles.

Harley Softail Harleys were among the most trustworthy motorcycle manufacturers in a 2015 consumer report. They were more likely to fail than Japanese bikes but less probable than European ones. It may surprise you that three of these bikes share one engine.

Harley Fat Boy The Fat Boy, a low, heavy cruiser for smooth riding, is the second Harley. This bike was released in 1989 and got minor annual updates until its 2018 redesign. The Evolution engine's reliability helped early Fat Boy models.

Dyna Harley A Dyna Harley-Davidson follows. This model debuted in 1991. It was created to bridge the gap between Sportsters and heavier touring motorcycles.

Harley Sportster Last, the Harley-Davidson Sportster. This bike's many versions have many appeals. First introduced in 1957, it replaced the Model K. It originally had a 55-cubic-inch pushrod overhead valve engine.